Commercial Gutter Cleaning

Let’s look at some of the work we do when commercial gutter cleaning.

The first two images below are from a gutter at a business in Newry. As you can see there is quite a bit of plant life growing in the gutter. This wasn’t the worst area in this property, just one of the parts that a photograph could safely be taken. The next picture is the same section of guttering after we cleared it out of all the debris – plants, dirt, standing water etc.

This particular building (below) needs commercial gutter cleaning every year as it is prone to plant growth. Every 12 months we return to remove this ‘garden’ leaving the gutters clear of all debris, and the birds and general surroundings create a gutter garden each year. Many property insurance policies stipulate that you do need to get them cleared once per year as part of your contract with the insurance company. In my opinion, even if this is not part of your policy, you should give them a visual check once a year – don’t let the water build up as this is where expensive buildings damage can occur.


Commercial Gutter Cleaning - Before (Blocked Gutter)
The gutter before we started working on it.


Commercial Gutter Cleaning - Now cleared - after the work


Not only can we clear the gutters out, but we can fix leaks, damaged joints etc in your guttering. As you can see, this commercial gutter is starting to get old. Age and rust have created a leaking joint. We have tried and tested various methods of leak repairs, including all the standard trade methods. We have settled on a method that I personally developed, using a strong, weather tolerant acrylic resin and re-enforcement. Now a waterproof lining is bonded to the inside of the gutter after cleaning, creating a watertight, weather tolerant, flexible lining at the area of the leak. This is a much more economical solution than replacing the damaged guttering and works better than the standard repair methods. We can of course repair PVC guttering as well as this steel gutter.


Commercial Gutter Leaking - In Need of Repair

Here are images of a typical commercial gutter cleaning job – plants water, and often river reeds growing in the gutters

Commercial Gutter blocked with water loving reeds
These are water-loving reeds growing in this gutter. This is common in commercial gutters. They get blocked, water cannot flow away and standing water is continually in the gutter. Very bad for building corrosion, good for water-loving plants.


Commercial Gutter blocked with plants
Plants in gutters are common both in commercial gutters and residential gutters. Note: Though very obviously blocked, these plants or soil could not be seen from the ground, so could easily be missed. You needed to get a person or a remote camera up here to see this.


Works Report

After completing the work, we issue a works report as standard with commercial properties. As mentioned above, many property insurance companies are rather careful to let you know that you must keep your gutters clear – they know how may claims come through from water damage due to blocked gutters. So, a works report is a confirmation of the work that has been carried out, to what standard and by whom. This is proof of your insurance company that you have fulfilled your obligations regarding this particular maintenance task.


Commercial Gutter Cleaning Health & Safety

Of course, Health and Safety is an issue, we are working at height after all. We comply with current Health and Safety regulations and do all in our power to limit any potential hazards. For instance, were possible, gutter clearing is done from ground level. See this photograph of one of our staff using a high powered gutter vacuum with long extensions to clear out the debris from the gutter. (Please forgive the angle the image was taken from, I know you kind of have to turn your head to get the perspective. I was on the roof at the time, and even though on a safety harness, the perfect picture wasn’t as important as standing in a safe area).


Clearing commercial gutters from ground level



We have specialist insurance to cover your building should anything unfortunate happen. The company we use is a specialist insurer dealing with cleaning companies and covers use for working at height and ladder use etc.


Removal of Debris

Of course, we take away all the debris from the gutters for proper disposal. You are not left with a pile of foul debris to try and get rid of. We do a clean job, don’t leave a mess and don’t leave you the waste. The service is complete and clean.


Quote, Risk Assesment & Method Statement

For commercial properties, many times what we do is to prepare a combined report as your free quotation. This report is compiled after we do the site survey. We need to have a look around at the job before we could begin to give you a quote, for every job is different. What you then get is a report of the job we propose. This is a combination of Quotation, Method Statement and Risk Assesment. So, right from the beginning, you have all the paperwork needed.

When we perform our site survey, we need to compile all this information for ourselves – we need to know what is involved in your particular job and how we will do it before we can begin or even before we can get you a price. So, we give it to you as well, right from the start. Our report to you is a combination of all this information that coveres the information in a Risk Assesment, Method Statement and Quotation in a structred format that makes sense and not just dry forms for the sake of paperwork.


Need A Quote Or Just A Quick Check?

If you would like a quotation for your premesis – free and no obligation, please click the button below and fill in the form. We will get back to you and have a look around the premises to work out a price. If you are not sure if you need to have your gutters cleared but want us to check, let us know in the quote form. We can do a quick check up when we are in your area(*) just to see if there is any work needed or not withough going into much detail. We will use a remote camera, so you can see for yourself what is there. If work is needed we can take more time and do the full site survey. If nothing is required, no problem.


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(*) For a quick check just to see if anything is even needed, we generally do this only when already in the area as it can often lead nothing, but still takes time and money for us to do. We are happy to do this though, on a day when we are already working in your area.


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