Gutter Cleaning Done Cleanly

In the past, gutter cleaning was a messy job. The person cleaning got dirty, the gutters themselves got dirty and a lot of mess was dropped on the ground. Not by us, we do a good clean job and take pride in the fact we are clean and thorough.

The old style of gutter cleaning is that a person went up a ladder and used a trowel and their hands to remove the mess and put it into a bucket. This method is messy by its very nature. Muck was spilled over the side of the gutter, messing up the outside of the gutters, then falling to the ground to lie. The methods we use are clean and tidy, which I will describe shortly.


Here is a gutter that I cleared with my hands in the traditional way. As you can see, it really didn’t work well. A lot of mess is left in the gutter still, which will quickly cause a blockage again. Any moss, leaves or general debris won’t flow away but will stick to the mess still left in the gutter and block quickly.

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How We Clean Gutters

We do us hands-on for clearing some areas of guttering, but we do it for specific reasons, and not for the standard muck and dirt. For that, we use a high powered, industrial vacuum designed for cleaning out gutters.


Gutter Vacuum
 The gutter vacuum (above) has extension poles and end fittings which have been designed specifically for gutter cleaning. There are different fittings for different gutter sizes. It uses powerful suction to lift the mess up and out of the gutter and contains it in a big steel drum. Like a household suction vacuum cleaner, but with a ‘lot’ more power.



gutter cleaned with gutter vacuum
 This gutter (above) was full of sloppy, messy muck. The gutter vac has partially cleared it, so you can see how well it cleans. See how there is no mud on the edge or outside of the gutter even with this very messy mud. Compare this to the photos above of traditional hand clearing gutters, and the mess left behind on and in the gutter.


The gutter vacuum cleans much better than a hand clean. It removes more debris and does it cleaner than traditional gutter cleaning. Of course, like any tool, it depends on whose hands the vacuum is in. All our staff are trained in its use and how to get the best out of it. As we also photograph the work afterwards to show the customer, it must be a good job. Photographs are primarily taken to show customers the job we have done for you since normally you can’t see inside your own gutters.

A gutter vacuum cannot do everything, and most jobs have some sections where we need to have hands into the gutter. There are a few reasons for this, mostly because some parts of the gutter are safer and better when cleared by hand. So, do we just make a mess? Well, sometimes yes, but we always clean up afterwards. If you have a look at some of the previous jobs we have done, you can see that the gutters are not left messy. Actually, even after we hand clear sections, we still use the gutter vacuum afterwards to tidy up the mess left.

Cleaning out gutters by hand

We Clean Up After Ourselves

This is still a messy job for the people clearing the gutters as we handle the messy equipment and as we do have ‘hands-on’ work. There are times that some mess falls to the ground. In this case, we simply clean up after ourselves.

Ceaning up afterwards


What About The Gutter Debris

There is a lot of waste debris removed from the gutters – what happens with that? Well, I do know of other gutter cleaning companies that simply leave the debris with the customer, often just throwing it in their bin. We Do Not do that! We take all the debris away with us.

Here is the typical waste from a job we did.  We take all this away with us and dispose of it properly. This is all a standard part of the job we do for our customers.

Debris from a house gutter


This is inside the vacuum collection drum – it is all just a sloppy mess. Do you want to be left in your black or brown bin? No, I’m sure you don’t and neither would I, thus we take it away with us and dispose of it properly. Actually, the Newry, Mourne and Down District Council, specifically state that soil must not go in the brown bin.

Residential Gutter Cleaning Waste Debris in Collection Drum


At the end of the job, you are left with the gutters and downpipes clean of debris and mud etc. There will be no more mess on the outsdse of the gutters than there was before we arrived. In fact, we also offer a service where we clean the outside of your gutters and fascia too – ask about getting a free ‘Fascia Cleaning’ quote when you are getting a free gutter cleaning quote. And of course, if we drop anything on the ground, we clean that up afterwards as well. We are a professional “cleaning” company, not just a “we do the bare minimum we can get away with” company.



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Gutter Cleaning Done Cleanly in Newry & Mourne and further afield