Gutter Cleaning for Landlords

Gutter Clearing for Landlords ServiceGutter Cleaning for Landlords

Landlords need to keep their properties in good condition, both for their residents and for themselves, to look after their investment. So regularly we get calls about gutter cleaning for landlords rented properties. Yes, this is certainly something we can do.

Normally we operate through the landlord directly, but can also do it through the letting agency or the tenant. As long as we know who we are dealing with and who we report to then all is fine.

How Does It Work?

The actual process changes depending on different circumstances i.e Who is contacting us – landlord, letting agent, tenant? How many properties? Are they occupied? and other factors, but…


Here is a typical example:

Let’s say that you are the landlord and one of your tenants has mentioned to you that the gutters are overflowing. Knowing that overflowing gutters annoys your tenant and can damage your property, you want to do something to fix the problem. Also, your landlord’s property insurance probably states that gutter cleaning is a necessary, regular maintenance task to be carried out by the owner.


You Contact Us

So you contact us, letting us know who you are, giving your contact details (we need to know who to invoice and phone if there is an issue with the tenant), letting us know where the property is and that the tenant knows you are looking into this (please do make the tenant aware that you are getting someone to look at it). That way we know all the information so we can provide the gutter clearing for landlords service. Contacting us via the web form here is a good idea, because not only do we have your email address, a written addresses for you and your tenant (no spelling or mishearing mistakes on the phone), but we can easily send you the information you need, back by email.


We Look At The Job

Since the tenant knows you the landlord is looking into getting the gutters cleared, we can go right ahead and have a look at the property. There is no need to try to explain ourselves to the tenant beforehand, and who we are, why we are looking at their house, why you sent us etc. It can be a bit complicated and time-consuming if the tenant is not expecting anyone, as they suspect some foul play, which is fair enough. I would be suspicious if I came home to find someone was standing in my garden looking up at the outside of my home when I wasn’t expecting anyone! Also, if the tenant’s first language isn’t English, then it gets even worse – I’ve been there more than once.

Someone will go out to have a look at the property, see what is involved and how much it will cost. If the resident is there, we will, of course, tell them who we are and why. This will usually please them, as you have already told them that you would look into the gutter problem for them and here we are. Good landlords are sometimes as hard to get as good tenants.

At this point, we are just looking and assessing. The goal is to see what the job involves – time, work, tools etc. Are there any hazards or considerations. We need to work out our end to be able to get you a fair price. Every job is not the same.


We Get Back To You With A Quote

As we are dealing with you, and not the tenant, then we get back to you with the information. This is, after all, a ‘Gutter Cleaning for Landlords’ service. We will tell you what we can do, and how much it will cost. If you are happy with this quote, then just send an email or text back letting us know. We can then schedule the job and tell you what day we will be at the house to do the work.

If you are not happy, then there is no obligation. You are welcome to simply ignore the quote and work out something else. We will do nothing more about this job until we hear back from you.


You Inform Your Tenants

Assuming you are now happy to get the gutter clearing work done, you let your tenant know. Tell them what day we will be back on that day to carry out the work. If they have any dogs normally in the garden, then please ask that they take the dog inside or elsewhere that day. Same with washing on an outside line – ask them not to. Dogs and washing etc are both a safety hazard and a problem.


We Do The Work

On the agreed day, we will turn up at the house and complete the job. Photographs will also be taken afterwards of the clean gutters for you.

If there was any mess created during the gutter clearing, it will be cleaned up. All the debris that was removed from the gutters, will be also taken away and disposed of by us.


We Keep You Updated

Once all the work is complete, we will let you know.

You will get an email letting you know all is completed along with:

  • Copies of the photographs of the completed work.
  • A “Works Report” (an official statement from us stating that the work has been completed) you need this for your records.
  • An invoice for the agreed amount, which you can pay by various methods.


All Done and No Drama

The work has now been completed and the property is in good order again. You didn’t even have to get your hands dirty or call out to the rental property unless you wanted to.

That’s Not All

Not only can we offer gutter cleaning for landlords, but often you may want the outside of the gutters and fascia cleaned too. This is very popular both for cleaning up between tennants and a general clean up of the property at any time.

We offer two versions of this external clean – the one generally favoured by landlords is the basic clean. It does a good job of making the dirty PVC look a lot better, removing general grime, spiders webs, green and black mould etc – a much better impression is made of your property by potential residents. When your house looks dirty and neglected on the outside, it immediatly gives a bad impresion to the person seeking a new home.

For a standard terrace house, we can usually offer Gutter Cleaning, Basic Fasica Cleaning and a window clean (recommened after fascia cleaning) for under £100![1]

If you are a landlord looking to get our cutter clearing service, then why not ask about the landlord’s fascia cleaning service and window cleaning as well. We can give you a price at the same time, and the same rule applies – no obligations. Or, if we give you two prices and you want only the gutter clearing – it’s not a problem.


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 [1] Some factors change the price such as location, level of work involved, ease of access around the property etc. Though this example price is based on actual jobs, not just an ‘advertised price’. Many landlord’s terrace houses are cleaned like this for under £100

Gutter Cleaning for Landlords – We take the hassle out of gutter cleaning and repairs for you and your tenants