Gutter Cleaning Price

You may ask how much does gutter cleaning cost? Can I get a quick gutter cleaning price online?

To be honest, it’s a very difficult question to answer as there are so many variables, but I can give you a starting price and tell you what sort of things change the price.


We start at only £20

There aren’t many services that you can get a tradesperson to call out to your house, bring all the tools and equipment needed, do work for you, then drive away at the end for less than £20. In fact, any tradespeople I have used recently have all been more expensive than that. The basic price seems to be about £35 for the first hour for basic trade and more expensive for others. Though, yes our prices do start at only £20.


Whole House Gutter Cleaning Price: from £40

This is probably a more realistic a price for most people. Yes, we do work from £20 and have done various jobs at that price, it’s not just a ‘label claim’ but something we actually do. Though, most full house gutter cleans start at £40. Driving to you, getting all the equipment out, setting up etc takes quite a bit of time all by itself. The equipment we use is not cheap to buy or maintain, nor is a van or business insurance. Then the job needs completed and everything packed away afterwards. So, £40 is a ‘very’ reasonable price for this sort of work, and much cheaper than many others – trust me, I know as speak with other gutter cleaning people all over the UK.


What Affects The Gutter Cleaning Price?

Whole house cleans start at this price and go up depending on a variety of things, such as:

  • How much guttering is there?
  • How full is it?
  • How easy is it to get to the guttering safely?
  • How high up is it?
  • What sort of access is there around the property?
  • Are any special tools needed?
  • Do we need to hire anything or can it be done with our standard equipment e.g. need a cherry picker etc?


The job as a whole is looked at and a price is calculated based on how much work is involved and how long will it take. Obviously, the longer the job, the more it will cost.

There are other variables too, like the last couple in that list above. Will there be anything that is needed to be purchased, made or hired specifically for this job? If there is, that will increase the gutter cleaning price too. Most jobs can be completed without extras thankfully.

Here is a trade quotation website, and their gutter cleaning price page – There are a number of prices displayed on there. The last time I looked, I could beat any of the displayed prices.

[Side Note: I am sure I recognise a couple of the images on that site, I wonder where they got them from 🙄 ]


How Far Do We Need To Travel?

I give an idea of where (the towns etc) we clear gutters on this page on our site. Though, it’s vague too as we are flexible. If you lived in a 2-bed terrace house in Lisburn for instance. As we are based in Warrenpoint Newry, there is a bit to travel. Normally, we would say that you are out of our range for a terrace house. Though, you may say, that you wanted us to do the job and don’t mind paying for the travel. Well, that’s fine – we are happy to travel further to the job if you are ok paying a bit more for our travel time and costs. Maybe the price would have been £40 for that house if it was local, but with the extra travel time it has gone up by £20 to £60.


Get An Actual Quotation For Your Job

If you want a proper price, the only way I can do it is to price each job individually. Most of the time, this means going out to the property, looking around and working out a price. Though, if you send a few images of the gutters and around the house, in the web quotation form (link below) it can be quicker. With those and an accurate address, I can then look it up on google maps to get sizes etc then with your photos, can probably get you a price without going out. 


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The process of getting you a price, changes depending on if you:



Click Here To Get A Free No Obligation Gutter Cleaning Quotation



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