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Gutter Cleaning Service – Clear All The Debris Out of Your Gutters

Our Gutter Cleaning Service in NewryFor our gutter cleaning service, all the muck and dirt is removed out of the gutters and downpipes, not just the ‘bulk of it’ like some others do. We pride ourselves on doing a really good, thorough job and don’t just unblock the problem areas and leave the rest – we remove it all.


Areas Cleared:

  • Gutters
  • Downpipes
  • Roof Valleys

We clean up after ourselves and all the mess from the gutters is taken away

Extras If Needed:

  • Gutter Repair
  • Drain Unblocking (downpie drains, not foul water drains).
  • Clean the outside making it look good.


Clear The Gutters Thoroughly

I have seen gutters after so called ‘professionals’ have allegedly cleared them a week or two before. And couldn’t believe the mess that was still left. Some gutter clearing companies seem to feel that as long as they lift the biggest bits of debris, then that is the job done!

That is not the case with our gutter cleaning service. The gutters are cleared thoroughly. Meaning as much as possible is removed. This usually means that the gutters are left spotless – have a look at photographs from a few of our previous jobs. These are photographs of our normal gutter cleaning service, not some upgraded service. By the way, if you are at home when we clear the gutters, we will take some photos to show you after the work is done.


Clear The Downpipes

downpipe being cleaned
Downpipe being cleared out with suction.

Downpipes also suffer from blockage and often get left unnoticed. Though, clearing these should be an integral part of any good gutter cleaning service. This is included as part of our normal gutter cleaning service.

In fact, blocked downpipes can cause the householder more problems than blocked gutters do. Though, these are rarely addressed by gutter cleaning people as they don’t have the equipment to be able to clear them. Clearing downpipes is a standard part of our gutter cleaning service and is included in the normal price. We clear the whole downpipe, and not just lift anything away from the top bit.


Clear The Roof Valleys

The roof valleys are the areas of your roof where two slopes meet and channels down to the gutters. Technically, they are part of the roof, not the gutters. Though, as they directly impact the gutters, we clear them as part of our standard gutter cleaning service too. Debris in them will end up in the gutter sooner or later. So we clear it our whilst we are there.


Disposal of The Debris

What do you do with all the stuff you take out of the gutters, it can be quite a bit? In fact even on houses that get their gutters cleared regularly as part of their routine maintenance, there is rarely less than 25kg worth of much and dirt. That is more than a bag of building sand or large bag of dried dog food. Most large bags of coal sold are only 20kg. On a large property or house that hasn’t been cleared in a number of years it can be considerably more up to hundreds of kilograms.

Well, we take all that muck away with us and dispose of it for you. My research into other companies tells me that many others leave it with you in some way for you to get rid of it yourself. I don’t understand that and wouldn’t want a company to do that to me. Personally, I expect a professional tradesperson to do the job properly and completely. So, we take away the debris we took out of your gutters etc and dispose of it. We don’t leave it in your garden, bin or anywhere else


How The Job Is Done

We use a combination of tools and techniques to ‘do whatever it takes’ to clear your gutters thoroughly, safely and cleanly.
Two primary gutter cleaning methods:

  • A high powered gutter vacuum cleaner
  • Clearing by hand

At times we may also use water, but ‘after’ the muck and dirt has been cleared away. Water is good for testing flow and getting rid of a few awkward loose bits. It’s not suitable for clearing generally – it’s messy and not very good at the job. Instead, we use cleaner, better methods.

The gutter vacuum does a great job of being effective at removing all the loose debris. We like to use the vacuum as much as possible as it does such a good job and is a very safe method of working.

Though, to do the job well, we frequently need to get right up to the roof line and get our hands dirty too. Especially when working at corners, and some of the more overgrown areas, you need to get your hands in to perform the delicate work that a vacuum can not do well.


Hands And Eyes Are Required

You really need to be careful when removing the root structure of grasses etc as they can get into delicate areas. Getting roots into gutter joints, the eaves, below the roofing lead, growing into roof slates etc and be a problem is not removed correctly. Care is needed to remove them safely, you don’t want to damage the roof or guttering by just yanking it out. With a person right up at the gutter, they are able to see and feel their way around the problem areas removing problem blockages with care. There is much more to our gutter cleaning service than you may think.

This picture shows the remains of strong plant roots that had forced themselves into the sealed joint of the gutter. There was originally a plant growing at this downpipe, the picture was taken after the bulk of the plant had been removed but before we disassembled the joint to safely remove the rest of the roots.

Tight gutter space
That is my finger at the gutter – very little space to work here!

Some gutters have very little room to work. Not enough room for either your hands to get in, scoop tools to get in or even narrow vacuum nozzles to get into the gutter enough to clear properly. So combinations of tools and techniques need to be used. This photo is of a gutter with an extremely small gap. It needed cleaned, but no gutter vacuum nor standard gutter tool will clear this. You need to be versatile and have experience to know how to clear gutters like these.

We do not use any single method of cleaning but do whatever is required to do the job properly. On occasions, we have had to make or adapt tools specifically for particular jobs.

I don’t understand companies that state they use ‘one’ particular method to clear gutters. Gutters are different, buildings are different. After cleaning hundreds of gutters, I can tell you that any ‘one’ method will not clear as well or as thoroughly as a combination. 


The Problem With Grass Growing In Your Gutters

Look at this picture of a grass sod removed from a gutter, you can see how much of a root structure there is for such a small patch of grass showing above the gutter line. Those roots go everywhere. I think of grass growing in gutters like an iceberg – you can only see the top 10% – the bulk of it is unseen, blocking up your gutter and possibly causing damage too.

Look at the ‘Before and after gutter clearing’ photograph above, how much root structure was there is in that gutter? Roots get in-between the guttering joints and in the roof slates, below the slates into the eaves. If you have any cables running along your gutters as many people do (satellite, aerial cables etc) the roots entwine around the cable. Root clumps can be tight and need to be split by hand to prevent damage to property when removing.


Extra Gutter Related Services Available

There are a few extra services we can offer on top of our standard gutter cleaning job if you wish. These include:


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