Gutter Clearing for Property Management & Block Management Companies

Gutter Clearing for Property ManagementGutter Clearing for Property Management & Block Management Companies

Gutter clearing for property management and block management companies is something we do both sides of the Irish border. Though we are based in Northern Ireland, Warrenpoint is right beside Newry, a border town, so we can work both sides. Helping companies maintain their properties with the specialist and very important task of clearing gutters of the buildings they manage. No matter if you manage a single home to an extensive range of apartment blocks, we can help you keep the gutters clear, repaired and the rain run-off going along the guttering system and not down the walls, into the eaves or elsewhere.

I am going to refer to ‘property management’ as a general term in this article. No matter if you are a property manager, block manager or even a self-governing tenants association, then this relates to you. Also, maybe you run a property maintenance company but do not have your own staff for a task such as gutter cleaning and repair, let us be your contractor in this part of the country.


An Example of How It Might Work

Let us say that you are a property management company and have an apartment block in your portfolio that you suspect needs some gutter clearing. I say suspect because it’s not always that easy to see by eye what is happening, or you may simply be responding to residents reports but haven’t seen the problem yourself.


You Contact Us

So, you decide to contact us, to see if we can look at the property.


We Go Out And Have A Look

Let us know who you are, and what the property address is. We can then go out and have a look at the guttering. Up to about 4 storeys, we can use a remote camera from the ground on many buildings to see if there is much debris in the guttering. If there isn’t much there, we will take a look around to see if there is anything obvious that has caused your problem.

If there is a debris build up, then we spend a little bit of time there and do a “Site Survey”. This is where we find all the details we need to be able to plan and quote for the job. We can’t give you a quote unless we know how we can perform the task, and every building is different. So, we measure up, take some photographs, take note of any issues that will play a part in how we do the job. Also, take note of any health and safety issues etc. When working at height, safety and risks are no small thing, we need to know about them up front.


Your Report

You will then get a report back. This may be something simple if there isn’t much to do or maybe more complex. Generally, if we believe the work needs to be completed, we will send you a combined report. It is one document but combines your Quotation, a Risk Assesment and Method Statement. This line of work requires a risk assessment and method statement, we combine them into a ‘less dry’ more fluid to read report, but all the pertinent information is there right from the start.

The report will show photographs of the guttering, the problems, and our recommendations. It will have details on how the job can be done, how long it will take and how much it will cost should you decide to proceed.

At this point, this has cost you nothing and there are no obligations.


Your Decision

The next move is yours, we do nothing unless we hear back from you. You may decide to not get the work done with us – no problem, just ignore the quote – as I said, there are no obligations.

If you decide that you do want to go ahead with the work, then simply let us know. Then the job will be scheduled, and you will be informed of the planned working day(s). We plan on giving you some notice of when the job is scheduled as you will want to contact the residents to let them know that maintenance work is planned on their home.


We Do The Work

On the appointed day, we will arrive on site and begin the work. Depending on the size of the property, amount of work etc, we will either finish the same day or it may take longer – you will get an estimate of how long in the quotation.

All the work will be done – debris  removed from the gutters and downpipes, any gutter repairs etc that were also planned.

Once cleared, photographs of the cleared gutters will be taken for you.

No mess will be left on site – all debris is cleared up and removed.



As you are not the resident, but we have completed this gutter clearing for property management company, we follow up with some information at this point.

You will receive notification, usually by email, that the work has been completed. In that email you will get:

  1. Details of any issues you need to know about. This may be to do with our work or possibly is, for instance, we say some broken tiles on the roof that you may need to address etc.
  2. Some photographs of the cleaned out gutters. A visual record of the work done.
  3. A “Works Report” (an official statement from us stating that the work has been completed) needed for your records.
  4. An invoice for the agreed amount, which you can pay by various methods.


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External Gutter & Fascia Cleaning

Do you need the outside of your gutters and fascia cleaned as well? This is another service we can offer. Ask about this as well when getting a quotation for your gutter clearing. We can price this up at the same time and give you a seperate price for that. Remember, there is no obligation. Should you get both quotes, but decide to go with one and not the other – no problem. I mention this service here because it is a popular choice.


As a property management company there are a couple of big issues that you will be of interest. Insuance is one of them, yes we carry insurance for the properties we work on. Our policy is with a specialist company that specifically indicates Gutter Cleaning. A copy of proof of insurance is available upon request to potential customers.


Health & Safety

The other big issue that you will want to know about any contractor, but especially one that works at height. Yes we comply with health and safty legislation, including the working at height regulations. Our Insurance also covers us for working at height and ladder use.


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