Gutter Repair Service

Leaking joint in need of our gutter repair service
Leaking gutter joint at a customers house

Not only can we clear out the debris from your gutters, but we also offer a gutter repair service.

Frequently, gutters start to leak a bit, through age or general wear and tear from wind and rain. Or maybe you have a broken bracket or two. Well, we can repair any dripping joints, sagging guttering etc whilst we are with you cleaning your gutters. Or, maybe your don’t need your gutters cleared out, just some repairs, no problem we can do that too. We offer a gutter repair service to suit your needs, one that deals with various different problems and repairs with your guttering. 


Depending on the problem, depends on the repair needed. We can repair leaks in PVC, lead, steel and aluminum gutters, including seamless guttering. We can also replace straight sections, joints, brackets etc in PVC gutters.


Gutter Repair Service – Seal A Leaking Gutter

Gutter Repair Service - Seal a leaking gutter
Gutter sealed with a strong, flexible, weatherproof resin coating.

This gutter was leaking at a joint. Though, due to circumstances beyond our control, replacing the joint was not going to fix the problem. In this case, we sealed the entire joint area with a weatherproof, waterproof membrane. The membrane is a strong material made with a mix of strong fibers and flexible resin. The membrane coats the area resulting in a thin, strong waterproof layer. This stops any more water leaking through and does not restrict the movement of water etc that naturally flows along the guttering. 

This is quite a common style of gutter repair.



Replace A Damaged uPVC Gutter Joint

Leaking gutter cornerGutter Corner joint after removal

Another common task in our gutter repair service is to replace a damaged joint. This is most common with uPVC guttering, which needs replacement parts from time to time.

This house had a leak coming from the corner of the guttering. We had a look and saw that the corner piece was cracked, and water was seeping through the crack, dripping out. We removed the joint and replaced it with a new one, which solved the problem. Once removed, we could see the extent of the crack, plus there is an obvious attempt at an earlier time to repair the leak with sealant. This sealant was not going to work for two reasons (1) It was in the wrong place (2) it wasn’t applied correctly to seal even if it was in the right part of the joint.


These are just a couple of the types of jobs we can do with our gutter repair service. There are of course others such as replacing lengths of guttering, re-positioning guttering that doesn’t keep the wast water flowing towards the downpipe etc  but these are common tasks we perform. Often, these jobs are performed whilst we are there clearing the gutters, but not always. We can come and carry out some repairs only if that is what you require.


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