Items Removed From Blocked Gutters

Here are some of the items removed from blocked gutters whilst working. We have done a lot of gutter clearing and it’s amazing sometimes what items you can find blocking a gutter and stopping the waste water flow. Sure there is all the normal leaves, moss, grass and general dirt, but also some not so expected items. Though, to be honest, it’s hard to find something now that I think is ‘unexpected’ – I have personally seen so many strange things in a gutter. I started taking some photos of some the items we removed, just so you can see that gutters can be blocked with more than muck and dirt. Though how some of them got up there is another issue altogether.

The photos below are just some of the items removed from blocked gutters, whilst we were clearing them out.


Here Are Some Of The More Unusual Items We Have Removed From Blocked Gutters



Some Of The Things We Commonly Find In Gutters


Normal Debris Removed From Gutters