Pay Your Bill

You can pay your bill with a few different methods:



Pay Online with Debit/Credit Card or PayPal

Once you fill in the amount and click to pay your bill, you will be taken off this site and to a secure website that can process your card or PayPal payment.


  • Type in the amount that you want to pay
  • Do not add a £ or € sign e.g. if your bill is £50.00, then type 50.00 or simply 50 in the box below
  • Click the “Pay This Amount” button, then follow the onscreen instructions – it’s just like an online shop checkout process.

You may notice some differences if you have used this online payment method before as we have made some changes and improvements. The credit/debit card processing company has also been changed.

Payment Methods Accepted Online

As we work on both sides of the Irish border, we offer payment in both Sterling or Euro depending on what your bill was in.

Did You receive your bill in £ Sterling?

If so, use this to pay online in GBP.


Did You receive your bill in € Euro?

If so, use this to pay online in Euro.



Bank Transfer to £ sterling

You can pay directly into my bank account from yours with the following details. Please use the first line of your address as the reference to me when paying by bank transfer so I know who the payment is from.

Account Name: Warrenpoint Window Cleaning
Bank: Bank of Ireland
Account Number: 28965453
Sort Code: 90-23-38


Payment from a Euro Bank Account? To transfer into a sterling account I suggest using Transferwise, they are a lot cheaper than using your own bank’s transfer system. In fact, if you use this link to their website, you will get your first transfer with no charges (up to £500 transfer). Or just do a search for Transferwise on google or any other search engine.


Bank Transfer Euro to Euro

If you received your bill in Euro, you can transfer to a Euro Bank Account to pay your bill.

Account Name: Warrenpoint Window Cleaning
IBAN: DE45 7001 1110 6052 0615 70
Bank Address:
Elsenheimer Str. 41



Cheque Or Cash

Please make it payable to “Warrenpoint Window Cleaning”, put a note in with your address so that I know who it s from and send your cheque to me at the following address:
If you want to pay by cash, you can either pay on the day, or leave it into the following address. Put it in an envelope with a note of your address so that I know who it is from:

Warrenpoint Window Cleaning
43 Summer Hill
BT34 3JB



Cash On The Day

Some customers want to pay on the day, but cannot be there when the work is done – no problem.
You can leave the money in a secret place, that only you and I know about. So for instance, you may leave money in a plastic bag (to protect it from rain) under a particular flower pot etc. If you want to do this please let me know where you are going to leave it so I can get it on the day I am there working.