The Problem With Blocked Gutters

Blocked gutters can be a real problem. It’s not just that they can look unsightly, or be a bit annoying with dripping water. Blocked gutters can lead to very expensive problems as well as leading to potentially health-damaging problems. Seriously, if a gutter is blocked the rainwater that comes off your roof cannot get away properly. It can’t flow along the gutter and down the downpipe. What happens is that it overflows in the area of the blockage, and runs down the walls. The water can then soak through the wall and cause damp inside the house. That is both damaging to your property as well as being damaging to your health. There is quite a bit of research and documentation on the problems and health risks of damp and mould in a house.

See: NHS – Can damp and mould affect my health?

Plus, if this goes on long enough it can cause structural damage to the property as well. In this country, where it rains a lot, overflowing gutters puts lots and lots of water running down the walls, increasing the risk of structural damage. Don’t believe me? Just do an online search for “water damage to building structure” or similar, or ask a buildings surveyor if you know one. Blocked gutters really are a serious problem, not just a bit unsightly.

Let’s go back to the damp and mould problems with blocked gutters as this is more visible and happens quickly if not addressed.

Damp and Mould On Walls – Because of Blocked Gutters

A heavy flow from an overflowing gutter running down the wall like a waterfall is too much water for a brick wall. Brick building walls are not normally waterproof, they can take a normal level of rain, but a heavy flow saturates the brick and then mould can start within the walls.


Here are some photos of properties that have been damaged because the blocked gutters were not cleared.


Dripping Blocked Gutters


Blocked Gutter Causes Mould on Walls


Blocked Gutter causes water to run down the wall and develps green mould

By the way, we can help to eradicate that nasty mould on the outside of your property after the gutter problem has been resolved. There are a few different ways to tackle the problem, but the mould and spores can all be killed, making the wall look better and be healthier.


Mould patches on the inside of a house caused by external damp

Mould on the inside of a house caused by damp coming through the wall



968Dripping Blocked Gutters

Blocked gutters can also cause rainwater to get inside your roof space. Below is a standard layout of an Eaves gap. This gap is supposed to be in your house as it keeps airflow moving around the roof space area. Unless your fascia and soffit configuration changes this layout, you can see that the gap in your roof space is just above the gutter. Should you have a blockage in your gutters, the rainwater level builds up, then overflows… into your roof space via the eaves gap.

Eaves air gap where water from a blocked gutter can get into your roof space 

Insurance Companies Insist on Regular Gutter Cleaning

Ever wondered why property insurance companies insist on regular gutter cleaning? Well, it’s because a blocked gutter is genuinely damaging to property. Gutter cleaning is a task that can be undertaken by every property owner and prevents the problems mentioned above. Thus, it’s required by insurance companies who do not want to pay out a lot of money to repair avoidable damage. Some of them state how often they require you to clean your gutters, some simply say it needs to be done regularly.

Keep an eye on your gutters in general. Have a look when it’s raining heavily – is water dripping from places it shouldn’t. Do you have damp sections of wall? Can you see any plants growing out of your guttering? If you can, have a look at them once a year to see if there is much build up. If you think you need your gutters cleared, then we can give you a free, no-obligation quotation.


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