Residential Gutter Cleaning

Residential Gutter CleaningResidential Gutter Cleaning – Clearing out the debris and plants etc from house gutters and downpipes. Clearing blockages will stop water overflowing from the gutter or downpipe and makes the house look better. We don’t just clear the big blockages, we clean it all and do a good thorough job (see previous jobs here), do it cleanly and at a reasonable price. Money is hard-earned, so you need to spend it wisely, we offer a good job at a fair price. There will no muck spilled over the sides of your gutters, nor your garden. We also take all the removed debris away with us for disposal. You can read more about how clean we work here.

A house with grass and plants growing out of the gutters looks neglected and can cause more serious problems if not taken care of soon enough.

Clearing the debris out of your gutters and the downpipes is our standard service. If you have any leaks or broken brackets, these can also be repaired. Are any of your drains that take the water away from your downpipes blocked? We are able to unblock these in most cases too and at a fraction of the cost of Dyno.

Gutter cleaning done badly makes a mess of your gutters, roof and garden. We take pride in the fact that we ‘clean’, not make a mess. We don’t mess up the outside of your gutters, walls, garden path etc. The system we use is clean. If we drop anything, it’s cleaned up before we go. You can read more about our cleanliness here.

Did you know that not only do blocked gutters in your house look bad, but they are both damaging to your health and can cause structural damage? You can read more about some of the problems related to blocked gutters on this page.

Thinking About Getting A Residential Gutters Cleaning Service?

If you’re in the Newry & Mourne area of Northern Ireland or even the Northern area of Co Louth down towards Dundalk, please ask us for a Free Quote for your residential gutter cleaning. If you do, here is what happens:

  • You Request A Free Quote On Our Web Site
  • We call out in to have a look at the outside of the house (normally 1-3 days) or just look at the photos you supplied.
  • When we are there we are able to look at what is involved, how much guttering there is and anything else that affects our job – access, safety etc.
  • We leave you a written quote with information on what is involved in the job. Normally we put it through your letterbox.
    Unless we hear from you again, that’s it. There was no cost to you, no pressure to say yes or no, no multiple follow-ups or phone calls from us – nothing.

The Gutter Cleaning Service

  • Let us say, you decide that yes, you want us to go ahead with the job. You let us know a simple text or email is fine. The contact details will be in the quotation.
  • We then inform you of the day that the work will be done on. There is no need for you to be at home if you don’t wish to, we just need to work on the outside of the house.
  • On the day, the gutters and downpipes are all cleared out and checked for water flow. Anything else we agreed on such as repairs is also done then.
  • We will take a few photographs so that you can see the inside of your gutters, you can see that they are now cleared and not just the big bits removed – I have seen that too many times with some other companies – it’s shocking!
  • Any mess we may have made is removed. Plus all the debris we removed from your gutters is also taken away (I have also known of companies to leave this in the customer’s bin, and it’s a mess!).
  • You will get left a payment card (Unless you have left payment), then you can pay online, bank transfer, post a cheque etc. (See here for payment details).
  • Afterwards, you will be sent some photographs of your clean gutters, normally by email since you filled out the web form and we have your email address.
    That’s it – the work is done and you can see from the photographs that the work has been done properly. You didn’t need to take time off work to either to oversee or pay the bill (and we are not very expensive).
    We take pride in the quality of the work. It’s not a botched ‘cowboy’ clean, but a thorough, professional job.


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