Unblock Drain Pipes

Unblock drain pipesNot only do we clear your gutters and downpipes, but we can also unblock drain pipes. – The drains that your downpipe feeds into. This service is for clean wastewater drains, not the foul water (sewage) drains.

Many times when a downpipe gets blocked, it feeds muck and dirt into the drain pipe, which then gets blocked. Drains can also get blocked from plants, stones, autumn leaves etc as well.

Like the gutter clearing process, we normally use a high powered vacuum to suck out the debris from the blocked drain. We do this rather than forcing it further into the drain, as is commonly done.


Unblock Drain Pipes

Here are a couple of pictures of blocked drain pipes. You can see how the water from the downpipe is simply flooding the area, not flowing down the drain at all. When water pools against a wall of the house, it can them soak into the house walls. Unless you have a very effective damp proof course, this water saturation can rise up the walls, and into the inside of the house. It can damage both the exterior render and interior plaster and decor.

blocked drain pipe outside


unblock drain pipe


Unblock The Drain Pipe By Removing The Debris

Unblock Drain pipes with Vacuum


Checking The Drain Afterwards

After the drain has been unblocked, we flush the drain with water for several minutes to prove that the unblocking procedure has been successful.

Checking the drianpipe with water


We generally unblock drain pipes for our gutter clearing customers – we clear the drain (if needed) whilst we are there clearing the gutters. Though, we can provide this as an individual service. Normally, we provide it alongside our gutter service as our price for this is very competitive. The leading drain clearing company – Dyno, charge  4-5 times more than we do for a basic clear, according to their website prices (priced in December 2018).

A lot of houses can get all the gutters and downpipes in their house cleared and unblock a drain pipe from us, for the same price as one basic drain pipe unblock from Dyno.



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Unblock Drain Pipes in Newry & Mourne and further afield